• 2019 Year

    Complete the research and development of light driverless electric remote control tractor products to provide new momentum for business growth;

    Xi'an R & D base has moved into Shaanxi military civilian integration industrial park, which has improved the platform for the company's production, learning and research cooperation, and provided the best training environment for the talent reserve of technical team;

    China's first, century old Nanyuan, Nirvana reborn! Our company provides new energy solutions for aircraft service for Beijing Nanyuan new airport - Nanjiao airport, improves the support efficiency of special aircrafts and escorts the leaders;

  • 2018 Year

    It is the first application case of civil aviation airport in China to provide the solution of remote parking lot and ground well system for Changsha Huanghua International Airport, and successfully put into operation, so as to realize the green protection of remote parking lot;

    It provides integrated and multi model fast power on support scheme for "Air Force No.1" project, which is highly praised by the army;

    Xi'an Lannuo ecological bird driving science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in cooperation with the College of grass industry, Lanzhou University to study the application of "endogenous alkali" grass species in airport ecology, open up a new idea of bird driving in airport, and fill the gap in China。

  • 2017 Year

    Successfully developed the first all electric control driverless intelligent ammunition carrying car, completed the military product finalization, and obtained the national invention patent. This technological innovation subverts the traditional guarantee mode and realizes the international initiative;

    The comprehensive ground well products have obtained the certification of civil aviation special equipment and become the first enterprise in China to obtain the certification;

  • 2016 Year

    The equipment production line of Xianyang Branch has been put into operation, greatly improving production capacity and providing production guarantee for the rapidly growing civil aviation market;

    Complete the first embedded aircraft power supply solution with rotating dynamic power supply in China, perfectly solve the problem of ground power supply for special aircraft, and successfully guarantee the full range of domestic military transport aircraft, bombers and special aircraft。

  • 2015 Year

    Obtain qualification certificate of weapon equipment manufacturing;

    Propose a new energy solution for aircraft service for aviation users, and establish a comprehensive talent system and professional capacity building from design consulting, product manufacturing, system integration and engineering services。

    Provide embedded aircraft service energy solutions for the pulse production lines of the key models of yun20 and yun9 aircraft in China, and become the application innovation highlights of modern aircraft manufacturing intelligent equipment。

  • 2014 Year

    Obtain three-level security certification for weapons and equipment。

    Obtain the certification of high-tech enterprises。

    Complete the first domestic application of ground well system in outdoor, and verify the product quality in harsh environment。

  • 2013 Year

    The quality system of weapon equipment and ISO international quality system certification have been completed, and a complete, effective and applicable product quality assurance process has been established。

    Complete the research and development of comprehensive well series products and obtain the national invention patent。

    Complete the development of military airport intelligent charging and discharging power station system, and complete the finalization of military products。

  • 2012 Year

    Complete the localization of Russian made power supply for a naval ship。

    Complete the development of aircraft ground power supply series products and form a complete power supply product type spectrum。

  • 2011 Year

    Complete the development of small and medium power vehicle charging module series products, and complete the loading test in the same year。

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