Build an experienced technical team, take user experience as the starting point, open thinking, innovative products and applications.

R & D expenditure is greater than annual sales revenue 10%;

R & D and design personnel exceeding the total number of employees 40%。

Original innovation

Absorption and innovation

Integrated innovation

The company adheres to the technical innovation route of "strict study and research", and has established a long-term technical cooperation relationship of professional innovation, application innovation and integrated innovation with Northwest University of technology, Xi'an University of technology and Xi'an Jiaotong University. We adhere to multi-disciplinary integration. Focus on user experience, open thinking, innovative products and applications, and build an experienced technical team. The company insists that the annual R & D investment is no less than 10% of the sales revenue, pays attention to the R & D investment and establishes the innovation mechanism of sustainable development.

Since its establishment, the company has applied for 54 patents, including 19 utility model patent certificates, 3 invention patents, another 6 invention patents have entered the stage of practical examination, and the remaining 26 are in the stage of acceptance.

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